BK-launch is the platform for innovation and encouragement of entrepreneurship in the faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology.
Its goal is to create an entrepreneurial community for student ventures, with a vision to transform the Built Environment. Driven by ambitious students active with a (future) venture in the Built Environment. Facilitated by faculty members and Partners whose knowledge, expertise and investment constitute the foundation of the platform. What makes this platform special, is the growing network of advocates of entrepreneurship that will form an academic source and example for future entrepreneurs. Their story and experience together with the foundation laid by the Partners will serve two MSc Elective courses (AR0131 & AR0144) meant not only to teach students about the importance of entrepreneurship, but also to help their brilliant ideas become potential future ventures. However, BK-Launch doesn’t stop there. We aspire to achieve a real life BK-Launch MAKE IT space that serves as an incubator for exceptional ideas.

bk-launch ventures

Are you the entrepreneur with a vision to transform the Built Environment? Is you innovative idea good enough to become a successful business venture? Do you want to connect with other young entrepreneurs within our BK-Launch community? If you tick all three, we are the incubator for you! Scroll down to join our platform or learn about our other ventures below. 


What makes BK-Launch the perfect place for ambitious students to launch their future venture? The answer to that would be its network. This constantly expanding group of BK-alumni, experts and other external companies is the academic foundation BK-Launch. As each and everyone is an advocate of entrepreneurship in their own way their story is a lesson for all pursuing a future venture in the Built Environment.  This group will contribute by appearing in workshops, lectures and interactive learning sessions and its goal is to inspire our future entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality.  


A diverse group of people representing companies within numerous areas of business (architecture, engineering, developers. government agencies, finance).  Partners play an important role in BK-Launch. They support the development of BK-Launch, provide knowledge, guide future ventures and contribute to covering the costs of BK-Launch by means of an annual contribution.
The partners will make up the Advisory Committee offering counsel on the trajectory and development of the BK-Launch platform. Rendering a yearly contribution procures the opportunity for all partners to participate in all organized activities as well as the Advisory Committee meetings.


How to join BK-Launch…
As of the beginning of September 2021 BK-Launch will start with an array of activities meant to help potential busines ideas grow into realistic business ventures. The activities will take place in the BK-Launch Make It Space, a prominent addition to the heart and core of the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. Facilitating both a working space for students and entrepreneurs, as well as a space to manifest their work and inspire others.
There are multiple ways you van enroll into the BK-Launch platform. You can either join one (or both) of the two MSc Elective courses (AR0131 & AR0144), or you van apply separately. Following the electives first will give you the benefit of not needing to go through an additional assessment before joining BK-Launch. 
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Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur that strives to transform the Built Environment? Do you want to spread your valuable knowledge and inspire others to embark on their own entrepreneurial journey? Let us know why you chose to be an entrepreneur and join BK-Launch as a supporter or partner. 
We want to provide our future BK-Launch ventures with the best guidance and knowledge there is. That’s why we need to be in constant development, and so does our network. Do you want to connect with young entrepreneurs and help them achieve their dreams and aspirations? 
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Prof.dr.ir. J.W.F. Wamelink – General questions
Benthe Spruijt – MSc Elective Entrepreneurship
Basia van Vliet – BK-Launch questions

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