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Michal & Jacek on drip visual: Drip represents a new generation of visual communication studios exploring the power of real-time technologies and immersive experiences. We digitally materialize the most innovative projects, concepts, and ideas, across multiple scales, from products to entire neighborhoods – helping project initiators to visualize the essence of their ideas. We assist our clients in communicating their ideas clearly, convincingly and in highest quality – right from the early design stages. We successfully support both companies and individuals in launching products, collecting funding, obtaining planning permissions, and inspiring stakeholders. By combining our architectural training and strong communication skills with expertise in latest real-time technologies and gaming engines we build a team of new generation master explainers and great visual storytellers. Over the past few years we have formed a service ecosystem based on creating real-time virtual twin environments. Those digital equivalents of real life projects, not only allow us to extract photorealistic images and animations, but with an added layer of interactions and programming create stunning immersive experiences and applications. This ecosystem sparked two ideas for scalable ventures – drip dive – a VR application delivering stand-alone immersive experiences of yet unbuilt futures and – PublicTwin – an online platform enabling large scale public participation in urban planning processes.
Michal & Jacek on Entrepreneurship: For us, entrepreneurship is essentially an ability (and, if done well – a superpower) to turn ideas into products and functioning organizations. It’s a joy and an obligation of initiating things. Faculties of architecture and built environment are full of young people with great ideas who want to see the world and environment change for the better. But upon graduation, they join various organizations and very often are forced to comply with the ‘business as usual’ – going against their own values. Being taught entrepreneurial skills gives us tools and confidence to initiate our own projects or actively take part in shaping the organizations we are part of. We believe that by focusing on the real needs of other people and seeking viable market solutions, an entrepreneurial attitude turns designers into more grounded, empathetic and practical problem solvers.
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