about lettus design

Sarah, Eren and Adrianna on Lettus Design: Lettus Design aims to facilitate stakeholder participatory workshops that extract and engage urban agriculture site and space needs. Through design tools and visualisations, we maintain the community voice and businesses’ wishes to empower local ownership and continued food education. We streamline the proposal process through effective community outreach to reach long-term economic environmental and social sustainability while reducing land-use negotiation time. We developed our idea and values during a design competition called the Urban Greenhouse Challenge from WUR and have continued with its development and deployment in hopes to see urban agriculture make a lasting impact.
Sarah, Eren and Adrianna on Entrepreneurship: To us, entrepreneurship means taking on creative ideas that are urgently needed to the next step past idea development and into testing and implementation. We find that many ideas become stuck at the conceptual level while have the potential to make an impact to individuals, small communities, and cities. Utilising product development, evaluation, and customer validation, ideas evolve with time so they are in touch with current challenges and are more contextually aware. For this reason the entrepreneurial spirit is needed, were we push past the presented hurdles with interdisciplinary problem solving and communication.
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