Koen on Refurnable: Refurnable is a premium furniture subscription service on a mission to make it effortless, flexible and circular to create your home. Members can choose from our designer-curated selection of furniture for as long as they want. Pay monthly, and just give us a heads up on what you want to swap, keep or return.
We are solving two huge problems. On the one hand, young professionals are moving more, desiring flexibility, and owning less. On the other hand, existing furniture brands are looking for new ways to make their products more circular and sustainable. We can solve both problems by attracting brands in our unique Refurnable-Ready circularity process, and by including customers in our community. That results in a reduction of landfills, raw materials, and lowers CO2 emissions. We make the sustainable choice the convenient one.
We aim to launch our website this summer, in active partnership with five furniture brands (operating in 80 countries). So let’s change the game of furniture. Let’s make furniture Refurnable!
Koen on Entrepreneurship: An entrepreneur is an innovator with a source of new ideas and has a fresh look at creating a business. The connection with architecture is closer than one might think. Because essentially, entrepreneurship is all about problem-solving. We, designers and architects, use our creative way of thinking to find solutions for upcoming challenges during the development of the process. BK-Launch helped to highlight this ability in me. I now know how to research the actual needs of people. I learned to deal with various challenges. And, I found out how to come up with viable market solutions. I feel more confident and gained a tremendous amount of new skills, from which I will only benefit in the future. As an architect, I realized I can have a much broader impact than only within the traditional boundaries of the built environment. 

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