The brand new BK-Launch Design Studio AR0144 Q4 will kick-off on the 19th of April. We are very excited to see how the combination of design and entrepreneurship
will impact the way we look at design.

Even though the official enrollment is closed, if you're interested in this Design Studio you can still apply by sending an email message to one of the coordinator of the BK-Launch studio! Hans Wamelink, Thijs Asselbergs, Henri van Bennekom or Remon Rooij.

We are delighted to be kicking-off the Elective AR0131 Q3 Entrepreneurship in Architecture and the Built Environment on the 8th of February with an even bigger group of future entrepreneurs this year. Fifty ambitious students will be working towards creating their own business venture and we can't wait to see what innovative ideas they are going to come up with.


BK-launch is the platform for innovation and encouragement of entrepreneurship in the faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology. Its goal is to create an entrepreneurial community for student ventures, with a vision to transform the Built Environment. Driven by ambitious students active with a (future) venture in the Built Environment. Facilitated by faculty members and Strategic Partners whose knowledge, expertise and investment constitute the foundation of the platform. What makes this platform special, is the growing network of advocates of entrepreneurship that will form an academic source and example for future entrepreneurs. Their story and experience together with the foundation laid by the Partners will serve two MSc Elective courses (AR0131 & AR0144) meant not only to teach students about the importance of entrepreneurship, but also to help their brilliant ideas become potential future ventures. However, BK-Launch doesn’t stop there. We aspire to achieve a real life BK-Launch MAKE IT space that serves as an incubator for exceptional ideas.


Entrepreneurship in Architecture and the Built Environment is given in two ways at Delft University of Technology. The first course is a MSc Elective, which is given in Q3 of the year. The second course is a MSc Design Studio, which is given in Q4 of the year. Want to learn more? Click the button below!


More research coming soon!