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As of the beginning of september 2022 BK-Launch will start with an array of activities meant to help potential business ideas grow into realistic business ventures. You can read more about these events here. The goal is to grow our BK-Launch Community through inspiring workshops, helpful peer reviewing sessions and hands on coaching partners. The heart of the BK-Launch Community is our BK-Launch room at the faculty, located in 01.west.290, facilitating both a working space for students and entrepreneurs, as well as a space to manifest their work and inspire others.
There are multiple ways you van enroll into the BK-Launch platform. You can either join one (or both) of the two MSc Elective courses (AR0131 & AR0144), or you van apply separately. Following the electives first will give you the benefit of not needing to go through an additional assessment before joining BK-Launch. 
Alternatively you can sign up for the BK-Launch Startup Voucher, which is intended to give entrepreneurial minded TU Delft students the opportunity to cover the first costs of developing an innovative idea into a business proposition. With the Startup Voucher the BK-Launch hopes to contribute to fulfilment of one of the main valorisation goals: stimulating and supporting entrepreneurship. 
Want to join BK-Launch, but you’re not sure how you can apply? Send us an email on BK-Launch@tudelft.nl

JOIN the network

Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur that strives to transform the Built Environment? Do you want to spread your valuable knowledge and inspire others to embark on their own entrepreneurial journey? Let us know why you chose to be an entrepreneur and join BK-Launch as a supporter or partner. 
We want to provide our future BK-Launch ventures with the best guidance and knowledge there is. That’s why we need to be in constant development, and so does our network. Do you want to connect with young entrepreneurs and help them achieve their dreams and aspirations? 
Want to join BK-Launch? Send us an e-mail on BK-Launch@tudelft.nl