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Prof.dr.ir. J.W.F. Wamelink

General questions

Benthe Spruijt

MSc Elective Entrepreneurship

Basia van Vliet

BK-Launch questions

Tong Wang



Prof. ir. M.F. Asselbergs

Professor of Architectural Engineering | Department of Architectural Engineering + Technology

Prof.ir. C.H.C.F. Kaan

Professor of Complex Projects | Department of Architecture Chair of Department of Architecture

Prof. Dr.-Ing. U. Knaack

Professor of Design of Construction | Department of Architectural Engineering + Technology

Dr. ir. R.M. Rooij

Associate Professor Spatial Planning & Strategy |
Department of Urbanism

Dr. A. Giga, PhD

Researcher and lecturer Entrepreneurial finance and technology start-up development (DCE)

Dr.ing. V.E. Scholten

Director Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship (DCE)

Ir. H.A. van Bennekom

Assistant Professor Architecture, Complex projects |
Department of Architecture

Ir. H.J.M. Vande Putte

Assistant Professor Real Estate Management | Department of Management in the Built Environment

Ir. S.H. Verkuijlen

Lecturer | Department of Architectural Engineering + Technology

Ir. A.C. Bergsma

Researcher and lecturer | Department of Architectural Engineering + Technology

E. van Andel

Lecturer Sustainable Entrepreneurship and LMICs