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A design studio that brings your design and solutions to the market.”

Many of the current societal challenges have a strong relation with the built environment, such as the energy transition, the circular economy, the scarcity of raw materials, spatial resilience and justice, and recently the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis, eg urban health and indoor climate issues. Solving these complex problems requires a creative, entrepreneurial, interdisciplinary approach. Young people with an entrepreneurial attitude can make an important contribution to this. In particular, design-oriented students with great creativity and profound interdisciplinary knowledge can make impact.
Innovation research shows that new market initiatives can be an important stimulus to achieve innovation in the sector. Architectural innovation, for example, often arises from a new office (often with young people). We also see many new entrants in the energy transition and circular construction designs that create surprising solutions with a completely new perspective.
In the faculty many students show an intrinsic motivation to get started with these challenges, and go along with an idea in order to market their solutions as a company or concept, often together with others. 
In this design studio, we are looking for ground-breaking solutions for the society related problems mentioned. In this design studio, an interdisciplinary team of students will design a solution in such a way that it will be both a showcase for the outside world, and a possible start of a new venture. The project is guided by a variety of tutors from all departments of the faculty in order to emphasize the interdisciplinary character.
To create this combination of design and entrepreneurship, creative, enterprising students from different disciplines (MSc tracks) come together in this design studio. Together they work on the development of their idea in the form of a design proposal and they think about how their idea has additional societal value, can create societal impact, and can be brought to the market. The idea can be a physical product, but also a strategy, service, approach or alike. Upon completion of the project, the interdisciplinary groups present themselves to an independent jury. Three groups will be rewarded with a ‘proof of concept fund’ of € 3,000, with which the group can continue their entrepreneurial adventure... More information can be found in the Study Guide, here

what teachers say...

”The New Architect is an entrepreneurial architect. To implement design and engineering as a company, you need to know how to do it. Master builders have to improve their tools, skills and mindset to innovate architecture in the Built Environment.”  

Thijs Asselbergs MSc, Professor Architectural Engineering

”We live a society that is characterized by accelerating change. In such a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world, we need built environment professionals who can act effectively, add value to cities (for citizens), find room for innovation, and adapt when necessary. The BK LAUNCH studio will help you to further strengthen your entrepreneurial, interdisciplinary mindset, skills and behaviors.”

Remon Rooij PhD MSc, Associate Professor Spatial Planning & Strategy, Urbanism 

how to register

We invite everyone from the Master of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences with a creative idea for a future venture to register for this Design Studio! Even though the official enrollment is closed, if you’re interested in this Design Studio you can still apply by sending an email message to one of the coordinator of the BK-Launch studio! After registering, please contact one of the coordinators of the studio to discuss your ideas.

Prof.ir. M. F. Asselbergs – Architectural Engineering
Ir. H.A. van Bennekom – Architecture
Dr.ir. R.M. Rooij – Urbanism
Prof.dr.ir. J.W.F. Wamelink – Management in the Built Environment

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