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Henk & Thomas on Lignitec: Lignitec is dedicated to advancing biobased materials that can serve as eco-friendly alternatives to conventional fiberboards like MDF, triplex, OSB, and high-pressure laminate. These traditional materials frequently rely on chemical adhesives and find extensive use in the furniture and construction sectors. Materials bonded with such adhesives pose a threat to both human health and the environment due to their carcinogenic properties. These materials persistently release these harmful chemicals throughout their entire lifecycle, contributing to unhealthy indoor environments. Towards the end of their lifecycle, these materials become challenging to recycle due to the presence of these adhesives, leaving us with few options aside from landfill disposal or incineration. At Lignitec, we believe in the existence of smarter alternatives that are entirely biobased, enabling us to repurpose waste materials from the agricultural-, horticulture- and industry sectors, mitigating environmental impact and promoting a more sustainable future, reducing CO2 emissions and offering a healthy, sustainable substitute for more traditional materials.
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