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Loy, Marc & Philipp on Nevalu: Our startup aims to promote sustainable consumerism by offering customizable 3D-printed designs and products made from 100% recycled material from consumer waste. We enable customers to design products according to their preferences, be it vases, office organization, tables, shelves or street furniture, without any special expertise. Our innovation lies in moving production directly to inner cities, where customers can become co-creators and part of a material loop. We use 3D printing and recycling to conserve resources and offer a unique retail experience where customers can transform waste into reusable printed material. Our long-term vision includes opening storefronts in various cities and developing large-scale projects, such as street furniture or even architectural products made from recycled materials to enhance the daily experience and perception of recycled materials and items.  We’ve observed that as the global population grows and personalization becomes increasingly important, there’s a corresponding rise in resource consumption. Through our entrepreneurial journey, we’ve come to understand the paramount importance of finding sustainable solutions to consumption patterns. Our focus is on reducing the environmental footprint while empowering individuals to actively participate in this process. We questioned whether it is possible to combine individual consumption with sustainable resource use, creating a win-win situation.This is the mission we’re passionate about pursuing.
Loy, Marc & Philipp on Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship for us means facing new challenges every day and learning through iterations. We believe that especially in the construction industry more innovations and start-ups are needed, as the construction industry is one of the most important industries and new principles are needed for a sustainable future. For us, it’s about envisioning solutions to existing problems or unmet needs and having the drive to turn those visions into reality.
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