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Max & Pierre on Urban Reef: Our work at Urban Reef aims to seamlessly blend natural ecology with urban structures, enhancing biodiversity and microclimates in city settings. By introducing “Reefs” that buffer rainwater, mitigate heat islands, and create habitats, we contribute to more resilient, livable urban spaces. Our use of bio-based algorithms and 3D printing technology not only propels the building industry towards more sustainable practices but also fosters a new era of ecological awareness and integration. Through these innovations, we aspire to elevate the building
industry to a realm where nature-centric design and technological advancements drive the creation of symbiotic urban environments.
Our team at Urban Reef brings together a diverse mix of expertise and academic backgrounds, crucial for the innovation and execution of our ecological urban design venture. At the helm are founders Pierre Oskam and Max Latour. Pierre, with a PhD in Design (2021) and an MSc in Landscape Architecture (2016), is our concept developer. His doctoral research on ecological thinking and its integration into design propels our regenerative design approach. Max, on the other hand, with an MSc in Architecture (2020), is our computational designer. His penchant for data-informed, functional, and aesthetically pleasing designs drives our technological and design strategies forward1. Additionally, our team comprises interns from various educational institutions, for example from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Delft University of Technology, TU Berlin, IAAC Barcelona and Erasmus University Rotterdam among others, covering a spectrum of disciplines from architecture to economics. This collective pool of knowledge and skills significantly enhances our capability to innovate and implement Urban Reef strategies effectively.
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