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Rihards on visuals.space: Visuals.space is a marketplace and cloud-based collaboration platform specialising in architectural visualisations. Our platform connects professionals in the AEC industry with visual communicators to bring their ideas to life. Outsourcing architectural visualisers can help elevate your sketches and concepts into immersive experiences that engage all stakeholders and help win clients and planning applications in a matter of days.

In architecture, effective teamwork and collaboration are crucial to success; for architects, engineers, developers, real estate agencies, and marketing firms, building a specialised in-house team can be challenging and costly. That’s where visuals.space comes in. We help you outsource and connect with a group of vetted visual storytellers, including 3D/Metaverse designers, virtual and augmented reality specialists and AI artists who are rockstars in their field.
Our platform allows you to collaborate and streamline your workflow, saving time and natural + monetary resources through all project phases. We are still in the early days of this journey, be the first to join the beta (testing) phase of visuals.space, and turn your napkin sketches or 2D plans into a fully immersive 3D environment that your clients will love.
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Rihards on Entrepreneurship: The architectural profession has long been considered conservative when it comes to adopting new technologies. Given the complexity of the field, with thousands of moving parts involved in making a single development and large sums of public and private funding at stake, caution is understandable. However, with the world going digital and an abundance of affordable technology now available, innovation is finally starting to be embraced in the built environment. As I like to call it, we are at the beginning of a ‘Renaissance’, The Age of Discovery.
Like any industry, the built environment presents its fair share of problems and opportunities. This is why entrepreneurial thinking and an entrepreneurial approach are so crucial nowadays, more than before. Simply put, entrepreneurship is about questioning the status quo and asking if and how things can be done better. Seeing an opportunity and acting on it.
Early-stage incubators and integrated courses like BK Launch (I wish more schools had it) help bridge the gap between academia and industry by encouraging collaboration, knowledge transfer, and breaking out of the architecture bubble. More so, as a young entrepreneur, it’s an amazing time to make and break things to test hypotheses and find the best solutions for communities and the environment. You hear that entrepreneurship is hard, but actually, its also just so much fun 🙂

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